Catching Up

Things have been really hectic around here. From making the boys bunk bed, to planning Kaleii's first birthday celebration, I've been incredibly behind on everything.

In the last month we have:
  • Made a set of bunks - and are preparing to make a loft bed that is lower than a normal loft.
  • Got a new washer & dryer because my old ones went ka-pooie on me. 
  • Got a cute little counter top dishwasher. It's small, but it helps a lot. I can fit all of my dinnerware into it, and now I only have to hand wash my pots & pans. 
  • Had a birthday celebration for Kaleii, who will be one TOMORROW! 
  • Had sicknesses, TWICE, and they usually last at least a few days each around here for each person, and not everyone gets sick at the same time.
  • Got tablets. (L.O.V.E.)
Tonight I started reading A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickets, to the kids at bedtime. The boys fell asleep before the first chapter was even over with. Either it bores them to sleep, or they really enjoyed it, I'm not sure which yet. Syleii, on the other hand, was a terrible mess at bed time - and that's putting it nicely. We've begun our drama queen stage. I'm not sure I'm really looking forward to this. We've got foot stomping, screaming, "Leave me Alone!'s", and, of course "I don't like you!!!'s" ... We've had many conversations in the last few weeks about how it's not okay to do/say these things, but they haven't seemed to work. Any ideas how I can lead her toward better actions and attitudes?

Friday night I got Syleii's hair cut. It looks really cute. It's a bob in the back with a sort of side swoop bang. This was her first haircut - Yes, she's three and never had her hair cut before. Her hair doesn't grow. And now I realize that if I would have gotten her hair cut before, it would have grown more. My neighbor (our stylist) told me that at this age I'm going to have to keep her hair short to get her follicles to grow. I hate that her hair doesn't grow. It brings be back to my jealousy that my friend's daughter has gorgeous curly hair (her mommy's white and her daddy's black), and my irrational desire to have mixed babies (because mine are mixed, but their daddy is native american and doesn't have curly hair). Any ideas on how to get her hair to grow better? 

On the school front, we haven't been doing much this month because mom's been really unfocused and out of it. Next week we start catching up on everything that I have planned. I have the boys until just before noon, and then they go to preschool at a public school (which I really like right now). Next week we will start working on letters (they know the letters, and know how to write some, but not all) - they both know how to write z a r e k & m a l a k i, but not much more than that. We will work on one letter per day - sound, writing, and words.

Spring Break - for public school - is next week. Daddy will be taking off the week so that we can start working on the school room.  Really, we should have it done by now, but it took a long time to get the bunk done, so he couldn't start yet. I will be pushing hard to get the room finished fairly quick so that we can start doing school downstairs by summer. My house has started to look like a book hoarder has moved in. I start feeling bad about this by 8am everyday, but then I remind myself that most of these books are for school, and will soon have a place to call home on a shelf in the basement.

The Midwest Parent Educator's conference is next month. I'm really excited, as this will be my first conference. I'm looking forward to hearing Israel Wayne speak. I was reading about him on his website today, and read something I really liked:  

The average parent spends about 19 minutes per day interacting with his or her child. In contrast, a student in public schools receives over 12,000 hours of instruction by high school graduation, mostly by secular teachers who are shaping their worldview. When you add to this the 7.5 hours per day that students spend engaged in digital media, plus time with peers and extra-curricular activities, it is clear that most Christian parents today are not the most influential factors in the lives of their children.

I really like what he says here, and I'm hoping that I can gain a lot from him at the conference. 

This is the third time writing at least part of this post, because either Firefox, or my computer, is messing up. So, although I had a lot more written initially, I am done for now. I will come back and add pictures after I post this, because it seems like the pictures are what make it mess up each time. 

What have you been up to lately? What is it that you need to catch up on? Or, what are you excited for?

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