Thankful Thursday -- 6/7/12

Today was my first bible study with my neighbor and her mentor. It was very enjoyable. It was just a 'get to know you' type of thing today, since her and I had only met once for a short moment. She is a very nice woman, and so far, seems well versed in the bible. I am excited to dive in and learn more on a personal level, and not a whole church level. So, my first thing to be thankful for today is the opportunity to fellowship with a wonderful neighbor who I really enjoy, and a great woman that I look forward to getting to know more.

I am thankful that my kids acted decent during my fellowship, while they also played with their friends, who are our neighbor's daughter and son. My children are usually fairly well behaved, but the boys have some major behavior issues at times. And, since the boys got back from GG's (my grandma's), Malaki has had some major attitude problems. So, I was very grateful that they behaved, for the most part.

I am thankful for the resources to learn more about different things I've been concerned about. Recently, Corey and I have been concerned about the things we eat. It's been a long time coming, our finally changing our diet, but we really started focusing on this recently. I say we, but I really mean me, since I am the one cooking and picking out all of our food. We are starting to be gluten free. I also want to take away all dairy from the kids, and slowly allow certain bits back in to see how they affect them since they have dairy allergies. I need to take all dairy out of my diet as well, but I am such a butter fiend when I cook, that it's really hard. And I can't eat tacos without sour cream. The point I was trying to make here - we have been watching documentaries about foods and nutrition. Food, Inc. is one, Food Matters is another. I can't remember the other, but it's a series about corn, wheat, and other foods.

To expand on the foods, I am also thankful for Farmer's Markets and Trader Joe's. There is a FM that my friend told us about that a wonderful woman with grass-fed beef is at. This woman gives great deals, and the meat is so great! Trader Joe's has organic food that I can use, because yes, organic is best. It's really expensive to buy this way, but I really want my family to be healthy.

I'm thankful for a renewed spirit daily. God blesses me each day with a calm spirit in the morning. Now, that's not to say that it lasts long! But I do my best after the kids start going crazy. By the time 10:30 rolled around this morning, I was frantic. I meant to get up at 6 this morning, but couldn't fall asleep last night due to some personal issues that happened before bed, and I ended up sleeping until almost 9 when the kids woke up. My morning was full, and my kids didn't even eat until after 10. Sigh.

And last, but surely not least, I am thankful for my husband. I may get frustrated or irritated with him, and he usually just grins and bears it - he is forgiving of my irrational anger (my hormones are out of whack lately and I've had some major mood swings, but don't worry, I'm not pregnant!), and he comforts me when I'm feeling down. He randomly buys me candles, which I love. And he always supports me, even if he doesn't think what I'm doing is the best thing. 

Now, some pictures for your enjoyment. :) We went out with my sister and her boyfriend of 6 1/2 years (she's 19 & he's 20), and took some pretty good pictures.


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