Bible Study, Getting Fit, and Starting School

Today, three important things are starting in my home.

Still not doing what we're supposed to...
School - Today is our official first day doing school work. Right now is quiet time while the baby naps. My Kinders and Preschooler are sitting down with a snack and watching Barn Yard. We had a rough start today, the boys didn't want to do anything they were told. We started our devotional two days early, so instead of the planned DAY 1, we were on DAY 3. I made a statement as I was trying to get them sat down, that they were not making good choices by disobeying so much just in the hour we had been awake. I opened the book to DAY 3, and had to laugh. Today's reading was choosing wisely. After reading our devotional, we have had a much better time. If you want to read more about our schooling, you can check out my schooling blog, Schooling Lowry Style.

Working @ Mom's desk on Math.

Bible in 90 Days - I'm going through Mom's Toolbox and reading the Chronological reading plan. They have set me up in a group with 9 other women, one being a mentor, so that we can encourage each other and pray for each other. I am really looking forward to enriching my life with God's word, and being drawn closer to Him. Not only will I get a closer relationship with my Creator, I will hopefully become a better Daughter of the Most High, Wife, Mother, Person, and Friend. I struggle in many areas, and I'm hoping that I can become a stronger (and more gentle) person because of Him. I'll be writing about my journey along the way on this blog.

Pretending we know what to do.
Forty-two Days to Fit - I'm joining Brandy @ The Marathon Mom on her journey to becoming fit. I struggle a lot in this area. Even before having kids, I wasn't in shape. I was thin, yes, but I was not in shape. I tire easily, and my bones ache every time I attempt working out. I give up easily in this area. I will definitely need encouraged in this department.

In other news, we bought a 1/4 size violin last night. We're hoping to find someone who can help Daddy and the kids learn. Daddy found a full size violin for a good price that we're hoping to get this week as well. I would love to learn, too, but I just feel like I have so many other things on my plate that now is not the time for me to be learning an instrument. Daddy wants to learn for part of what he's wanting to do with his career, so it's important for him. If I ever want to focus on something other than the things I already focus on, I will focus on writing - my dream is still to be a Christian sci-fi-ish writer. As in, I'll have sci-fi themes, but I really feel like they're real good depictions of the battles and daily struggles we have as Christians. My fear, though, is that I will never get published as a Christian author because my writing will be too edgy. I have some hope that I can succeed because my favorite author, Ted Dekker, is an edgy writer.

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