Intentional Living - Day 1

Today I'm starting a 30 day series about Living Intentionally. Each night I will journal, and each morning I will give my journal and details of the previous day.

Last night I jotted down some of my goals for this time, and I'd like to share them with you.

August 26, 2012 10:40pm

Tomorrow is DAY 1! New wife, new mom, new person!

I'm going to be intentional about everything I do.

  • Bedtime is 10pm (for me).
  •  NO GLUTEN!!!!
  • Focused - NO TV, Clean house, school work completed timely. 
  • NO YELLING! Even, and especially @ Malaki during fits. 
  • Vitamins & supplements daily. 
  • Exercise daily!
  • Make EVERY decision thinking 'Does this glorify God?'  
Intentional Living = Better Life (period)

If I don't go to bed by 10, I am exhausted in the morning. So yes, I'm exhausted today. Plus, I wake up at EVERY NOISE, so I'm woken up several times throughout the night, which causes me to lose even more sleep, and be even more tired.

My children all have wheat and milk allergies. At this point, we are only off of wheat, but we feel better. Except that last week we went on a gluten binge. All we ate was gluten filled food. Mom had tummy aches and dizzy spells all week, and is still actually suffering from it. It takes 15 days to get out of your system. So, the next week or so I will still be feeling the symptoms of it. A few times last week the kids did express that they had tummy aches, so I think they had the same issue as I did.

Malaki has behavior issues. I'm really thinking that it's Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which means he has a 'fit' at every NO or DON'T DO THAT. If someone touches something of his, he flips out. If
someone says something to him that he didn't want to hear, or that he doesn't agree with, he flips out. He does a range of things from screaming, to throwing, to trying to knock down my 52" TV. I'm working on getting him into play therapy, but I have to convince my husband that it's worth doing first. So yelling is not the best thing in this situation, even though it's the number one thing I want to do. I'm a yeller, sadly.

The twins are on a supplement called Gamma-AminoButyric Acid (GABA). It's something that helps calm them, though I'm wondering how well it's really working as we've missed several days. I also bought B Complex capsules, but haven't opened them yet. I'm afraid I'll puke if we even open the container, as I can smell them even when it's closed. I am on Iron, I want to take a Niacin once a week to help with eye sight, and there are others I can't even think of right now... but I'm really bad with pills, so I rarely take any of them. I really need the iron, though, so I need to get on a routine with them.

Last I checked - I'm going to be brutally honest here - I was about 220 pounds. I need to exercise, bad! I have no motivation, and my heels hurt bad right now. I'm hoping we can walk like 20-30 minutes a day for school, then I was doing crunches when putting the boys to bed so I need to start that again. Even just that small amount of exercise on top of the movement I do daily chasing kids around & doing housework, I should be able to lose weight.

On a different note, but about weight loss - I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead the other night. I now want to do a ten day cleanse. Maybe that will kick start my weight loss journey, and I can keep up the good eating habits from there. :)

Do you live intentionally? If not, will you try with me? Today was my day one, make tomorrow yours!

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