Pregnancy and Bad Habits

So I'm 15 weeks pregnant today, and yesterday I began a 3 cup a day bad habit of drinking coffee. I'm wondering how this is going to affect my child... will he/she have issues when born because I drank too much coffee? I keep telling myself that if I don't drink too much, or go a few days here & there without it, that my child will have no problems when born. I drank pop with the other 3, and I'm not talking about just a glass or two a day... I'm talking about a two liter a day, or more. I had a horrible pop habit. All three of them came out just fine. The twins, of course, were a little early, but they were healthy. Syleii... 9 pounds 11 ounces ... can't complain there. But my little princess is so tiny now, you wouldn't guess she was almost 10 pounds. Conflicting thoughts, but I think I'll be alright, and so will the baby.

On a side note, we find out what we're having in 3 weeks & 6 days!!! GIRL GIRL GIRL GIRL GIRL!!!

We started homeschooling Azariah this year & we've been off to a rough start. I'm sure it's a mixture of being in public school from K-4, and his mother telling him that I'm not going to have him get his work done & he's going to have to do it while he's at their house, resulting in them having no time together -- Hint, Azariah, You don't even see your mom because she works all weekend and you're with random people all the time.. but whatever. This week has went over fairly well so far. We've had a few whiny moments, but for the most part he's done his work with no complaints.

The boys also started preschool curriculum a few weeks ago. Yay! My boys are getting so big, four in November! We're working on sequencing and memory right now. They've got blue, black, brown, purple, red, yellow, and green down (those were the colors that came in this special crayon thing we got). They of course know pink because Syleii has quite a few pink things. Malaki really has 1-9 down really good. He can point to the numbers and tell you what they are. Zarek is working on it. They also have shapes down really good. Last night, Daddy was working with them & he had them race to see who could figure out the color AND shape first. Malaki won by 1 point. I'm so proud of my boys.

We've got birthdays coming up in November. Syleii will be 2 on the 1st and the boys will be 4 on the 2nd. For Syleii, I'm thinking all girly stuff... dress up, jewelery, dolls, etc. For the boys, I want to get them the new Leapster Explorers. I LOVE them. AND I've got Daddy convinced as well, so I'm pretty sure that's what we're getting them. We're also getting pictures taken in October. Can't wait, I'm super excited. Syleii has never had her picture done professionally, but she LOVES having her picture taken. She's always "CHEEEESE" anytime she sees a camera.

Well, I think that's about it for now. :)


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