Random Acts of ....

Love -- My daughter, Syleii, comes up to me this morning when her brother opens her door, and says "Mooommy! Lovve yew!" while wrapping her tiny little arms around my legs. These are the moments that make me smile, and sometimes cry.

Irritation -- I can't have my bedroom door open, or either of the bathroom doors. These doors, as well as the basement door and the front door, must all be locked. Unfortunately we had to take the chain lock off the front door and must install a new form of lock because this wasn't 'co-op acceptable'. The twins will go in my bedroom and mess with EVERYTHING. It doesn't matter if it's a hair tie that I left out, a pen, something on the computer, or one of our many books... NOTHING is safe from their hands. If the bathroom door gets left unlocked, oh boy! Soap and water, all over. We have less than a tablespoon of kid soap left because they decided to get in the bathtub and pour TWO bottles all over it, then play in it. :)

Inspiration -- My sister-in-law is an amazing woman of God. She works everyday to be the best woman, wife, and mother she can be. I haven't known God as long as her, or been a wife as long as her, so in these areas I'm always looking up to her. She tries to eat right, to be healthy, and to keep her family healthy. In my life, it's been hard to be healthy... no one wants to eat the healthy things except me, and they'll go bad if I'm the only one because I don't eat enough to eat it all in time.

Imagination -- My three boys, this morning, decided to roll up pieces of paper and magazines to make 'bats'. They did not intend to use these so called bats for hitting balls, but hitting each other. Now, normally, I would probably get a little bothered by this because Azariah is so much bigger than them, but he was doing a good job of helping them stay in line. It was so much fun to watch.

Satisfaction -- Watching my kids be creative and play together. They even let Syleii play with them, which they don't do often.

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