Fun Stuff

Rough model of basement design.
This weekend was full of fun stuff - for me. The kids didn't enjoy it as much as we did, but that's because they don't understand how much work has to go into good things. In the long run, they will hopefully appreciate all the 'fun' mommy gets to have during this period. Hubby and I spent several hours shopping on Friday for school stuff - a lot of it was 'window shopping' because we didn't buy most of it, but we did buy a few things to get started. Saturday night we spent all night in the basement planning out what we wanted to do. I don't know if I've ever seen him so excited to do something - He's doing all the building of everything himself. Tonight we're going out to do pricing for the tools he needs to get and all the materials.

The boys are really excited to get to go downstairs to have their school down there, but they just don't want to wait and they don't understand that it takes time to build everything. I'm hoping it will be ready by summer, but I'm not sure.

My new book.
Last night I got a new book. I'm so excited to start reading it. I spent $9.99 + tax on one book, which is a lot for me. I usually don't spend more than $2 + tax on a single book, now $10 is easy to spend when I'm buying several books at a time (and they are usually for school). This time it is strictly a book for mom. Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker. I've been wanting this book for months. I love Ted Dekker, he's an amazing writer, and I just can't wait!

The kids' book of the week.
The book we're reading this week is Don't Forget to Come Back! The boys really like this book. It's about a little girl whose parents are going out for the night and a babysitter is coming. She tries many things to get her parents to stay home from saying all these bad things will happen, to saying she'll run away. She ends up having a great time with the sitter, and she says that her parents are glad she didn't forget to come back from the South Pole (which she didn't go to because it's too cold!). It's a pretty cute book, and we'll continue reading it for a few more days.

The boys have continued to be very excited about their school work. This week we'll be focusing on math two days and writing three days. I'm only doing one subject with them each day since they also go to preschool. My favorite part of this is that we get to do what we want, when we want. Some of the reading comprehension worksheets we have are first grade level and daddy worked through one of them the other day - they did great! They can't read yet, but they understand the way things should be worded, which is wonderful. I'm going to take advantage of the places where they excel and go deeper in some places than they would be able to in a formal school setting.

What are your favorite parts of homeschooling?

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