Making Decisions - Financial & Others

There are so many decisions to make in the years you have as an adult, especially if you had a family. If you're single, it's so much easier - sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a single person with no kids. EASIER, that's for sure... I wouldn't have to base all my decisions on having a husband and children.

How many rooms do we need? That's always a big one for people looking to buy a house. We are beginning to save money for a house - it's still a few years off, I'm sure, but we're starting. Right now we have a three bedroom townhouse. We want four - five bedrooms and a finished basement that can hold the school, an office, and a playroom/family game room.

What type of vehicle should I get? My least favorite decision - I hate my van. I loved it when we got it because all of our kids fit in it... but I just hate it now. I want an SUV. They take more gas, but I really want one. I'm set on a Traverse. I'm in love with them. But, I will probably never own one. Our van is cost efficient, and it fits our family.

I could come up with many more questions that lots of people deal with, but I think we all get the point. There are so many financial decisions to make, and they all deal with other things as well. The bigger the house, the more expensive. The nicer the car, the more expensive. Sometimes the cheapest thing is the best because it's what you can do.

My big decisions right now -- they are little in comparison to those, but they feel big to me.

Do I buy Syleii a twin bed and give Kaleii the toddler bed in 7 months, or do I buy a bunk and just skip the toddler bed? And no, that does not mean I would put one of my girls on a top bunk - it means that they would be single beds possible of being bunks later in life so they can have more space in their room. This decision really won't make a difference financially, we'll just spend the whole lump sum of the cost of two beds now instead of later.

Do I buy a bunk for the twins and a loft for Azariah, or do I buy a bunk and a twin? Seems a mundane question, really, but it's not. Azariah is in sixth grade, and he goes to public school - all his work can't be done in the school room in the basement everyday like ours will be. Do I get him a loft bed with a desk in it so he can do his homework there, or do I just get him a twin and send him downstairs or to the kitchen table to do his work? I would prefer he has his own special place to do his work, but I just don't know if it would be logical to get him a loft with the boys in the same room... I'm afraid they might mess with his stuff, or even climb up on the bed and jump from it (their bunk is going to be twin beds until they are old enough to have a real bunk). This decision gives a substantial financial difference - each type of bed costs a different amount, and if Azariah has his own space to work, it will make things easier for him. If I just send him downstairs to one of the boys' customized desks that dad made for them, I feel like he'll feel left out, so I want him to have his own desk. Is that silly?

These really are serious things for me. Not so much financially, because I don't mind spending the extra money for Azariah, but I just don't know which to do. Which will be more efficient in the long run?

What kind of financial decisions do you have to make right now?

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