Getting organized

Today has really been one of those days that I just full out focused on finding things for school. My plan is to do it without a formal curriculum as much as I can. I've found so many good sites for each subject. I did a little more shopping today at a specific store that I know gets some homeschooling books in every two weeks, but I didn't find much. I would have done more, but we had my birthday dinner tonight -- Yes, I turn 26 tomorrow, don't remind me. So, tonight I bought Where the Red Fern Grows and three Dear America books about people in history who came into America or lived during one of the great wars/depressions/etc.

I have a bookmark folder that is specifically Homeschool Resources. In that folder I have 20-30 websites that have some awesome things - and a lot of those websites connect to more websites that have even more awesome things. What I've been focusing on is trying to organize them by subject, but when they have so many random subjects on some of them it's hard to decide where to put them. Plus, a lot of them have work for MANY grade levels, so it's not just a "K Math" folder or anything like that, it's just "Math".

I've downloaded LOTS of worksheets. Right now I'm focusing on the simple things because the boys will only be in Kindergarten. Handwriting sheets, Scripture Memorization Handwriting sheets, My Family sheets, Animal Notebooking sheets.. things like that. Things that will be simple for us to do starting out. That's not to say that we won't work on harder things, but we will definitely take it slow.

Is it sad that my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday and my first response was "organization stuff for school"? I seriously can only think about school and all the things I want to do. I need to get started on getting the basement cleaned up and ready. We need to buy some rugs or carpet pieces for downstairs. Daddy is also going to make a gate instead of a wall because it will be so much easier for him to do that. Buying wood to make our bookshelves is one of the first things on my list. Then comes the desks, we need more wood to finish those as well.

I'm getting kind of overwhelmed by how much information I've been digging into lately, but I'm also so very excited. My family thinks I'm crazy.

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