Weekly Reading

So I've started reading each book that I read at bedtime for a week instead of just one time and switching to a different one. Monday night we started reading David Goes to School. I love the book. It talks about how David does all these things wrong, and it gives me a chance to talk to the kids about what we should and shouldn't do in 'class'. The boys love having this conversation every night. They love talking about how we keep our hands to ourselves so that we don't hurt or bother other people, and how we don't run in halls (or the house) because we could get hurt, or we could hurt someone else. I like this book, and I'm glad it's our first weekly read.

I also started a new book myself last night. It won't last me a week, but I'll update when I switch. It took me a really long time to read the first book in the series I'm reading. Sometimes books just don't catch my attention too much and I have to force myself to read them, and I end up loving them. So I took months to read Left Behind, and I finally started Tribulation Force last night. I'm really excited to completely dive into this series. I have the complete series, plus three of the four books in the series that came after it about the lives of the people before they were left behind. I haven't seen the movies, either, so I'm really excited to get through the first three books so I can watch the movies.

We started something months ago that I thought I'd also share today. We watched the movie Letters to God, in which the little boy writes a letter to God everyday. I loved this movie and thought we would do this with the kids. Everyday, the kids and I each write letters to God. I think it's a great thing to do, and makes them really think about what they want to tell God everyday, and how they want God to help them.

What do you do for reading with your kids? Do you read the same book more than once, or do you read a different one, or even multiple books, each night?

For those of you who are believers, have you done anything interactive to help your kids really think about God during their day that isn't simply prayer or a Bible story? What ideas do you have for a creative way to bring Jesus into your day?

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