Things that make me go... "Seriously?"

Yesterday we had two nose bleeds. The first one happened in the morning. We were sitting on my bed watching cartoons, when Malaki stuck the tail of a dinosaur up Zarek's nose, causing it to bleed. The second one was at bed time. Zarek ran into Malaki and caused Malaki's nose to bleed. Both of the twins had nose bleeds, that's never happened before.

Last night, Syleii woke up around 12:30am crying. Why? It was dark in her room. She has a small TV in her room with a DVD/VCR combo, so I turned on a movie for her, effectively reducing the darkness and calming her down. There are nights where it's completely dark in her room and she doesn't wake up once. Then there are nights like last night, where she just can't sleep if it's dark. I think we need a night light.

Four-thirty this morning I got woke up by my door flying open. I knew it was one of the twins, so I asked "What is it, buddy?" He said... "Soaked..." Of course, Malaki wakes up wet 3-4 nights a week. When will they stop wetting the bed? They are almost four and still wearing diapers at night. Not only is it irritating, but I'm using 16 EXTRA diapers per month during the night because he wakes up soaked. On the plus side, I saw a clean diaper in the bathroom when he woke up -- Zarek woke up this morning with NO diaper on, dry!

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