What is acceptable?

The other day my husband read a news story (not sure what website he found it on, will have to come back post that later)... but it was about a parent(parents) being arrested in another country for 'child pornography' because their child was not fully clothed in the pictures. He did not tell me if it said the pictures were sexually graphic or not, but it has me thinking.

I LOVE taking pictures of my children. It's one of my favorite things to do. Most of the time I don't have my camera handy, but I have my phone, so most of them are on there... but a lot of them are half naked. My boys run around in their underwear a lot, and sissy runs around in a diaper. After hearing about that, I was looking at pictures on my phone & I began to wonder if the pictures of my kids were considered 'child porn'. Sounds stupid, right? Taking fun pictures of your kids, and it being thought of as porn?

I watched a movie one time where this woman had I think 3 kids, and her friend was a photographer. She came over to visit & took pictures of the kids. They were jumping on the bed in their underwear. I think there was a picture of one of the kids touching the other kids' chest (in a siblings jumping on the bed being silly pushing eachother type of way), but the woman got in trouble for child pornography.

Is that really what our world is coming to? Am I not allowed to take pictures of my children unless they are fully clothed? Next thing we know, we won't be able to SEE our children unless they are fully clothed. We're going to have to teach them to bathe themselves, change their own diapers, etc., by the time they are two. I just feel like with movies/news reports like that, that I am losing so many rights as a parent.

At night, when putting the boys down to bed, I rub their heads/necks/backs ... there are many times when I wonder if that is OKAY. I feel like soon we're going to have no 'rights' as a parent. Not that I would necessarily consider rubbing your kids back a right, but the point is, we won't be able to comfort our children, or do anything loving for them.

I did some research, but I couldn't find anything about laws specific to photography of kids. But something it also makes me wonder... is if parents are getting in trouble (here or in other countries), why aren't diaper companies, clothing companies, etc., who have TONS of pictures of kids who are half naked? This is really just something that bothers me a lot.

I've started putting atleast shorts/pants on the boys lately, and atleast a shirt on sissy, so as to not get in trouble for letting my kids run around half naked if some 'authority figure' walks by my window & looks in.

These are some articles I just found: --This last one makes me really upset... a picture of your kid nursing is 'sexual performance of a child..." ?????? WHAT? I have pictures of me nursing my twin boys. I found it to be an awesome experience, and I wanted to have keepsake pictures. What about my birth pictures I have of ALL THREE of my kids, and the ones I WILL HAVE of the one I'm giving birth to in March? And the video of Syleii's birth? Are these porn too, simply because they show my children's genitalia?

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