Trying to be organized

As a wife and mom, things can get hectic in my house. Not only am I a mom, but a mom of 4, almost 5 kids. That makes things a little more hectic than most homes, I believe. With four kids and a husband running around leaving a trail of a mess behind them, sometimes it's SO hard to keep the house clean. Most times I feel as if it's not worth it to pick stuff up because it's just going to get messed right back up - but, I need a clean house, and a calm schedule.

This new 'adventure' I'm on started at nap time with me thinking "Oh boy, I hope they don't pee the bed...", which they don't usually do at nap time.. but it does happen. Anyway, I started thinking about encouragement for them - something to help them not pee the bed at night. Malaki has done GREAT the past two days, and Zarek has peed both nights. I decided we needed to do 'Night time Potty Charts'. I got online & looked for some easy charts I could just print off so I didn't have to make my own. I found these charts that had characters on them - Malaki is really into Iron Man right now & Zarek is into Spiderman - I found BOTH!

That made me think about other charts I could get -- so I printed off tooth brushing charts, an attitude chart for Azariah, and have been looking for a plain ole' dumbed down household cleaning chart (because I don't have a dishwasher & some of these things are just SOOOO in depth)...

Next thing I'm doing is looking for a good 'daily routine' chart so that I don't have to make my own. Then hopefully we'll have a good daily routine that the kids will know is happening. Because if I don't have a routine... I don't have a routine. It's sad, my days turn to mush. I'm always so tired, and I don't want to do ANYTHING - but if I have a routine chart... ;)

So, wish me luck!

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