School room & gym project

Recently we decided to turn our basement into the school room. We were doing school in my bedroom for Azariah because it was the most 'secluded' space & allowed him the quiet he needed. At first, we were just going to use half of the basement for the school room & keep the other half as storage/washer&dryer space/daddy's work space... but then daddy got this really cool idea to use one half as school & the other half as a 'gym' for the kids. So far it's turning out great.

Since we don't have the money to do a full 'remodel' of our basement, we're doing it with what we HAVE... which means taking home supplies & changing things around in the house. We had an older mattress & box springs that my dad had given us. The mattress was hard & uncomfortable, plus the boys had torn it apart - so we used it as a 'divider' of rooms. Along with the mattress, we used the crib that can no longer be used because the boys jumped on it & broke it. The crib parts serve as a 'gate' from one side to the other.

Two days ago I took the kids to Wal-Mart to pick out paint colors. The colors we ended up with are Burning Orange, Kelley Green, and Electra for blue. Last night we got our paints & supplies & started painting. We stayed up until 1:30am painting & trying to make it look right. We're no where near done... we're doing an ocean theme on the school room side & still need to paint fish as well as doing numbers & letters. We also need to do a 'divider' for all the colors in the gym side, as we just did alternating lines of color down the wall.

For some reason, it's not letting me post my pictures, so one day I will have pictures, I hope.

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