Book Review - Amy Inspired

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers, I did not receive any compensation for my opinion.

I found this book to be so easy to fall into. The characters were lovable, thoughtful, and truly had great personalities. The main character, Amy, is having a hard time dealing with her life, where she ended up, but in the end she finds where she belongs. There are many trials for her and her close friend, Zoe, that they manage to get through together. They hold each other together through it all. Amy isn't successful at relationships, and falls in and out of love easily. Eli, taken and completely not her type, comes in and Amy finds herself falling for him.

I expected part of the ending, not all of it. I did end up in tears, which was good - that meant I truly felt what the characters were trying to show.

All in all, great book.

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  1. I got this in the mail along with Hattaras Girl. I am reading the other first, b/c I think I will like the one better! :)