A New Start.

It's a new year, and I'm determined to do things different, new.

To start, I'm reorganizing pretty much our whole house. I want to paint a lot of stuff, and I want to get some good organizational things going on that the kids can learn as well. They aren't good at keeping their things picked up, let alone organizing them. I wonder where they get that from!

I see all these wonderful ideas for meal planning & I really want to get in on that idea! With a family of seven, meal plans are a must. I can't be caught with my cabinets empty and nothing to feed them, so I need to have ideas and plans ahead of time so that I know what I'm going to cook.

Since I got pregnant with the twins, I knew I was going to homeschool. It was never a doubt. As they got older, I started to doubt. They are some rambunctious boys, and I'm not sure if I can handle it. The girls, yeah, but them... So I sent them to preschool this year. They love it, and I'm glad they do, but it has also made me realize that I NEED to homeschool them. It's just a must. It's not that they aren't learning and having a great time at school, but I just NEED to do it. It calls to me all the time, the idea of teaching them, but I get too scared to do it. I will not be scared anymore. They will finish out the school year, then they will be home next year for Kindergarten.

My neighbor brought down her daughter's dressers and painted them on New Year's Eve. I helped her, and I had a great time doing it. Now, I want more than anything to start working on the girls' room. We have bright orange, green, and blue paint that we did downstairs when we started turning the basement into a gym/activity center and the school room. The curtains in the girls' room are bright pink, blue, orange, green... and I think there might be a purple and a yellow in there somewhere. So, I'm thinking maybe painting the dresser one of the colors and doing the handles in one of the other colors. Not sure which colors I would use for what, but I've already got them, why not use them!?

Welcome back to the blogging world, Whitney. :)

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