Shopping and Reorganizing

This weekend we went to the book store. It's our favorite thing to do. I'm a bargain book shopper. We shop at Half Price Books. They have an awesome selection, and they have a HUGE clearance section. We also found a store a while back at the "Great" mall (I say it like that because it's called the Great Mall, but it really is a horrible mall that's not got many stores in it..) I found some fairly good books - the most I paid was $2!  The blue books that have no title are "A Child's Book of Character Building" - Books 1 & 2.

There is Everything for Early Learners Pre-k to K book, Grade 1 Comprehensive Curriculum, Writing for grade K, and five different books that aren't school related but are going to be good readers at this young age (that I still have to go through for six more years!).

Reorganizing is going to take a long time, and I'm glad that I still have the rest of this school year to organize and get things ready for next year when the boys will be home for school. I'm starting with our normal rooms - kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc. If I don't have all of those organized, there's no way I'll be able to keep a school room clean and organized. The hubby and I have issues with clutter - we are clutter bugs. It's not a purposefully done thing, we hate it, but we can't help it. We've got books piled up on every surface - we just read a lot! And the top of my microwave and fridge are 'collect all' places for just about everything you can imagine -- There is still sunblock on my fridge from the BEGINNING of summer! So my plan is to get all rooms organized by May so that when they are out of school they can start their half day school in the summer and be completely ready for full day school in August.

Here's a list of the things I need to do:
  • Organize Kitchen - get all things off fridge and microwave, make sure all cabinets and the pantry are organized (we just did this so it shouldn't be a big deal)
  • Organize Living Room - We just got a 'grandfather of all big screens' - that's what I call it, anyway - and so now we need to completely redo the living room because this beast of a TV just doesn't fit well in here the way it's organized right now. Plus, I'm planning on getting a new couch in February. -- Actually, I'm hoping to get a new TV, too, and have DH take the mammoth one downstairs into the will-be school room.
  • Organize Boys Room - The boys are all 3 getting new beds soon and I would like to find a nice dresser from one of the used goods stores or from Craigslist. They need new curtains, too, which I might just make myself. The ones they have are too short, they just barely reach the bottom of the window and let too much light in. Plus, the curtain rod is broken so it needs to be fixed. I do have a pair of curtains that are longer, but they are too little kiddish and I don't think Azariah would like them.
  • Organize Girls Room - I want to paint the girls' dresser and possibly the room as well. I'm debating getting Syleii a new bed since she's in a toddler bed, but I may wait another year or so because she's still so little.
  • Organize My Room - My room just needs to be organized - there are books piled everywhere because they don't fit on my bookshelf. That's not even counting the piles of books in the basement that are my husband's because we are using his bookshelf as the kids bookshelf because they were in desperate need of one. I need to take the TV out of my room and get rid of it, repaint my dresser, and I really want to paint my bookshelf but hubby says it's not paint-able because the paint won't stick to it. So I don't know what I'm going to do about it. All of our room is black stuff - our bedframe is black, black comforter, curtains, dresser.... I would like my bookshelf to match. 
  • Organize Linen Closet - Azariah (11) broke the lowest shelf in our linen closet, leaving no place for my sheets and many many blankets except for the floor. I need to box up a lot of the blankets because they aren't needed, but I can't get rid of them because my husband's grandma made all of them. 
  • Schoolroom - This is a lot of work. We are putting the school room in the basement, which is where everything the littles can't get to right now. I asked the hubbs to build a wall in the basement to separate the school area from the washer & dryer area. I plan to make the other half a 'storage' type area where we can store things that the kiddos can't get to. This area will only be accessible through a door with a lock - which will kind of stink because I'll need to get over there to do laundry... but it's the best option. I also asked the hubbs to build floor to ceiling bookshelves. I plan to take all the kids books that they already have down there, and I am hoping to find a TON more books before we start. My husband has started making the boys desks - they are going to be great when they're done.
I think that's it.... but I'm not entirely sure. I may find more things to do before we get ready to start school.

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