This is what I'm thankful for today.
This morning at the breakfast table --- Zarek -- "Guys, do you know that Jesus is watching you?"
Syleii -- "Jesus is watching me?" (He face is startled!)
Zarek -- "Yes, so you two better be nice!!!" (Serious face)
Mom -- "Zarek, don't you think you ought to listen to your own words?"
Zarek -- "Mom, I was being nice." (Smile)
 The kids have been attending Bible Camp at the park behind our neighbor's house this week. I'm wondering if this is something they told them. I mean, they know that they need to be good because Jesus wouldn't be happy if they were bad... but I have never said Jesus is watching them. That just sounded creepy, and I get why Syleii's face was seriously startled. BUT THIS WAS AMAZING!

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