Friday Faves - Blazing Hot Summer

Today I'm linking up with Rachel @ Finding Joy for her Friday Faves. This is my first time, and I'm super excited to share with everything my favorite things this week.

Here in the Midwest, we've had extreme heat. We're on a burn ban, have had numerous field fires, and our grass is so dry it will stick your foot. We rarely go outside (or, I rarely do with the baby), so I've been grateful for the slightly cooler weather this week.

 I'm not sure how many rains we've had this summer, but it sure hasn't been many. Last week my husband captured this beautiful shot of our sweet princess with the rainbow. At one point it was a beautiful double rainbow. We got a much heavier, much more appreciated rain fall earlier this week, which my children - and my plants - loved very much. I wish I had caught some pictures of them playing in the rain.

We got a beautiful rainbow.
Our forecast until next week is nothing over 90 until it hits 92 on Wednesday. That is Ah-May-Zzzzing! This morning, we chose to put off breakfast and hang out in front while it was really nice out. I think my neighbor said it was in the 60's. Wonderful. There was a nice breeze, and the kids really enjoyed being outside. Mom was able to sit out and read (even in the sun) for about an hour.

We haven't done much with schooling lately, as I'm trying to hold off til' all the friends are in school so that we aren't distracted by wanting to go outside all day while everyone else is out. If you would like to read up on what we have been doing in school, though, you can go to my new blog, Schooling Lowry Style.

We've really been enjoying hanging out with our neighbors. We're going to miss them when they move away to California in a month!

Best friends

Four shots, and this was the best. Lol.
 Mommy has been enjoying nights/mornings lately when dad is home and can hang out with the kiddos to let me have a break. Last night I watched one of my shows and read some of my book ,A Son Called Gabriel. Daddy cooked dinner & put all the kids to bed. It was a great night.

What are some of your favorites from this week?
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